Traveled Earth is a travel blog created by Mike and Ashley Lenzen after we were inspired to quit our jobs, sell our assets, and travel the world together.

Our trip began on July 6, 2011 with one-way tickets to Cancun, Mexico. There is no official return date. Our plan is to travel slowly, yet spontaneously. Although these two concepts may seem mutually exclusive, we don’t think they are. Basically, we will go slow, not have a set itinerary, and only move on when we’re good and ready. No two week, 10 country tours for us… unless someone gives us a smokin’ hot deal.

Did we mention frugal is our middle name? Another big factor in our RTW trip is that we plan to stick to a shoestring budget. Since we don’t know how long we’ll be traveling, we want to make our money stretch as far as it will go. This means low-cost hostels, couchsurfing, volunteering for room and board, and preparing a lot of our own meals (which shouldn’t be a problem, since we both love to cook).

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