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The ancient city of Ephesus. Spectacular ruins.

It was the photos of the Pamukkale terraces that drew us here. It was a little cold for playing in the water, and the hot spring pool cost extra. But that was okay, as the ruins of Hierapolis, located on top of the terraces, were excellent.

Packed full of \"tree houses\" just outside the ruins of Olympos and the beach. We spent a just over a week maxing and relaxing. Good internet, very nice ruins, unbelievably good food (included with the hostel) and cheap ta-boot. It would be totally different during high season I\'m sure.

The remains of this ancient city fit into a compact site with one of the most beautiful Roman style theatres we\'ve seen. The carvings at this site are exceptionally well preserved. You can walk a part of the Lycian Way here, to get a view of the many, many green houses surrounding the site, and there\'s also the rock cut tombs which are plastered on all the advertising material, and originally drew us to this site.

We walked about 200km of the 500 km trail across the coastline of ancient Lycia. We borrowed a tent, and sleeping bags. We even adopted a dog, who in turn, helped us escape the wild pigs.

Arguably our favourite place on earth, Cappadocia stunned us with its unearthly landscapes, rock-cut dwellings, and overall beauty. We could have spent ages here without getting bored!

A city with amazing history. It\'s chaotic, huge, unique, and exciting. A welcome change from Western European Cities.