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Obelisks, temples, and the valley of the kings.

Our three day shared felucca became a private felucca when our ship mates cancled. Our captain and his second mate didn\'t speak any english and we ended up having to take a train to Luxor when our tour ended abruptly and unexpectedly. But, our time on river was still quite nice.

Our least favourite city of the ones we visited in Egypt. The touts were over-the-top at harassing us, and everyone tried to over charge us for everything. However, the day trips to Abu Simbel, Philae Temple and the picturesque Elephantine island were some of the best.

Alexandria wins our award for having the friendliest least hassling people, we encountered in Egypt. We didn\'t do much, but it was a welcome reprieve. Thank you Alexandria.

It was very expensive, but very beautiful, extremely peaceful, and we had camels.

Home of the Egyptian Museum, and the Pyramids of Giza. It\'s dusty, grimy, dirty, loud, smelly, and chaotic. Everything you\'d expect of the Capital of Egypt