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The haunt of many a backpacker. This city is nestled in the hills of Northern Thailand. Prices are a bit cheaper than Bangkok and there are elephants near by.

Ruins and Rabid Dogs. The old capital of Siam.

A 2 week silent meditation retreat. I learned the inner workings of my mind, and demystified the afterlife. A very special place.

We spent three days here chilling and catching up with Talon (our first diving instructor from Utila) and his son Tigger! We didn\'t explore much of the island, but we did make a point of seeing the mummified monk.

There is always a party going on somewhere on this island. Whether it\'s a full moon party, a half-moon party, a three tenths moon party, a jungle party, or a waterfall party... we managed to miss them all! We spent two days here just walking around and beaching it. It was pretty and pretty hilly.

The worlds cheapest place to dive and the second cheapest place to learn to dive (as far as we know).

We spent three days at Hua Hin hanging out with Ashley\'s mom and her partner, Terry. It was a little too developed and city-like for our tastes, but we loved the chance to visit with family!

It\'s impossible to avoid Bangkok when travelling around Thailand - we spent time here on six separate occasions. Noisy, busy, and so much to discover...

Beautiful and busy, Railay Beach is what you think of when you imagine Thai beaches - turquoise water, white sand, green jungle, towering limestone cliffs dominating the periphery, and more limestone island cliffs to view in the distance. And there are monkeys.

After a gruelling 59 hours in cars, buses, planes, and trains, we arrived in Koh Lanta from Cairo. The soft beaches, warm sun, and quiet family atmosphere melted away all of our cares, just like you\'d read in a story book.