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Why is it you never hear Robin saying “Holy Guano Batman!”?  I mean Batman operated out of “the Bat Cave”, and if it’s anything like the bat caves we visited in Lanquin, the stuff is everywhere. Then again, these bats didn’t have Alfred cleaning up after them.

You mean I’m walking on bat poop?!?

The Grutas de Lanquin are located a reasonable half hour walk from the town of Lanquin.  At the entrance, there is a lean-to complete with a guard waiting to collect your 30Q entry fee. The caves are huge, extending several kilometres into the earth. According to our guide book, the full extent of the caves is yet to be fully explored.

A small part of the caves near the entrance is normally lit.  The power was out when we arrived though, so we recommend bringing your utility belt, including your own light source and shark repellent.  You never know when you might need some shark repellent.

Don’t get caught in the dark…

As you may have figured out, the caves are full of bats (and where there are bats, there’s guano).  If you really want the full bat experience, plan to visit the caves just before dusk.  When the sun sets (about 6:30pm) the bats take to the air. It’s a good idea to be near the entrance at this time where you can spend a half hour or more watching thousands of bats soaring over you and around you to get to the entrance.  As I understand, this performance is repeated nightly, same Bat Time, same Bat Cave.





It was a very cool experience to be in a bat cave.

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