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Shhh…. don’t tell Mike about this post! He doesn’t know I’m doing this! Typically, we create a list of posts to write, divvy out the author roles, and then edit each other’s work before publishing. This post didn’t make the list. Nor did I show Mike before I hit the “publish” button. This time I’m flying solo, under the radar if you will.

Why? If you’re a regular reader and a keen observer, you may have noticed that my posts are typically loaded with way more photos than Mike’s. Mike tries to stick me with a “5 photos per post” rule, but five is just never enough for me! This blog isn’t just for you – the reader – it’s also for me…. it’s my stories, my memories, and my photos – essentially my journal. And I want to include all the best photos I can – for my own selfish reasons and because I want to share them with the world. So I make it a rule to break his rule.

This post, in particular, had to be created – even if Mike wouldn’t authorize it. As I’ve mentioned before, Cappadocia is one of my favourite places on earth. I’ve never seen anything else like it and it’s beauty repeatedly took my breath away. We just couldn’t fit all of our amazing photos into the last three story posts, so here we are. With another photo post. I tried to limit myself to ten photos (like I said, five is never enough!), but you’ll notice there’s just a few more. Because I think they need to be shared. Hope you enjoy.















 For even more Cappadocia photos, check out our photo album.


7 Responses to “The (Unauthorized) Cappadocia Photo Post”

  1. What?? This is a TRAVEL blog. It could be FILLED with photos, and it wouldn’t be enough. Fill ‘er up! Up, up, up! And these are particularly stunning – we didn’t even know what we were missing, so thanks for flying under the radar on this one. 😉

    • Ashley Lenzen says:

      Obviously, I couldn’t agree more. Mike always worries about the technical stuff – “If you put too many pictures on, it will take too long to load for people with slow internet connections.” I say, let them wait – it will be worth it! The most memorable part of most travel blogs that I follow are the pictures!

  2. Sofie says:

    I especially like the one with the hot air balloon!
    And it seems like you two have a good work system going. Nice to have someone to reread your work!

    • Ashley Lenzen says:

      Yeah, it works well for us. I tend to get a bit wordy and Mike tends to make a few spelling mistakes – we seem to balance each other out nicely.

  3. Sofie says:

    Sounds like a perfect combo:)

  4. Jota says:

    Amazing pics Ashley!
    Where did you took photos #1, #5 and #9?

    • Mike Lenzen says:

      Tough to remember. 1 was taken at the Göreme National Park, 5 was taken from the road between town and the park, and 9 was taken on a hike we did, again near to the National Park. I think…

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