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Bluebell Tunicates

Mooring Line


Pilot Whale Skeleton

Divers at Halliburton Wreck


Great view

Bike at the Wreck




Divers at the wreck

2 Responses to “In Pictures: Underwater Scenery in Utila”

  1. Dawn says:

    Hello Mike and Ashley,
    What a great adventure you are on! I found your website and love your pictures, particularly the one of the Bluebell tunicates…I am a fibre artist who is doing a challenge for an Ontario Show entitled “Water”. I am hoping to have your permission to use the bluebell tunicates in my underwater fibre art piece. My ideas are just coming together but I love the blues in that photo. The art piece will be for my own use and not for sale. Thank you for your response to my inquiry and happy travelling!
    All the best,
    Dawn Labelle
    Guelph, Ontario

    • Mike Lenzen says:

      Dawn, We’re absolutely flattered, thank you. You are most certainly welcome to use our Bluebell tunicates photo in your artwork.

      If you need a higher resolution version of the image, just let me know.

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