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Aside from horseback riding we didn’t really do much on Isla de Ometepe.  Our time on the beach of San Juan del Sur was quite similar… a few days of relaxing and catching up on the blog at each place.

On Isla de Ometepe, we stayed just outside of the town of Merida at a resort with highly overpriced but good food.  The town of Merida is quite small and has only three restaurants of the lowest quality.  It’s easy to surmise that the budget travellers in us ate enough bad cheap food to drive us off the island completely.  That was a mistake.

Merida did have it’s positive points though.  For one, there was the Valentine’s Day festival and rodeo – complete with painted baby chickens, bull riding and Valentine’s Day rice.

San Juan del Sur is a nice beach with strangely cold water.  So cold, it reminded me of swimming in a lake back in Saskatchewan, Canada.  I’m not sure if we were just there at the wrong time and caught a freak current, or if it’s always that cold.  We’ve been in the Pacific Ocean at points both north and south of San Juan del Sur, and it’s definitely the coldest place around.

Regardless of the bad food, or cold oceans, we managed to get out there and take more than a couple of photos.  Here are some of the highlights.  As always, there are more available in our photo album.

Isla de Ometepe

Unloading the ferry.

Valentine’s Day Chicken.

Spectacular Scenery.

And some more.

Really old Petroglyphs.


San Juan del Sur

Christ watches out over this town.  I’m not quite sure what he’s trying to point out though.

Every day at sunset we would head down to the beach with Ashley’s mom and Terry just to watch.  We were never alone.

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