By , August 9, 2013 12:00 pm

We’re writing about Canada a bit ahead of schedule. We’re still trying to polish off our South East Asia posts, and we will be getting to them eventually. But… THIS JUST IN!

Our friend, and one of our favourite Canadian artists – Pat LePoidevin – has released a new music video from his new album, American Fiction. Enjoy.

We had the chance to visit with Pat (briefly, we’re getting too old to stay up as late at night as we used to) at Sappyfest just a few days ago. We’ve written about him before when he played in Regina before we ever left on our RTW trip.  If you’ve never heard him play, he’s definitely worth checking out.  He describeshis music as a looped orchestra of folk.  We’ve never seen anyone quite like him, and between his powerful voice, story-telling lyrics, and layered compositions, his live shows are something to see.  So, for all our Canadian friends out there (or international friends that just happen to be travelling around Canada) – he’s coming to a town near you… check out his tour schedule here.

Pat Lepoidevin at Sappyfest 8

Pat Lepoidevin at Sappyfest 8


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