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Ashley and I have been living in a hotel room on the 4th floor of the San Francisco Hotel in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala for the last 3 weeks. San Pedro is located on the beautiful Lake Atitlan, which I believe to be the caldera of an ancient volcano. To illustrate the beauty of this place, I wanted to share a few photos I took from our balcony. For those that are Interested, I tried out a few new photographic techniques: the first two are stitched panoramas, and the next three are HDR images.

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And finally,

Images of our balcony and our hotel room.  It’s just larger than our bed, but has a private (hot) shower!


6 Responses to “View From Our Balcony, San Pedro La Laguna”

  1. Danalynn C says:

    This looks pretty! The view looks amazing. Also, having a private hot shower sounds pretty awesome (my husband and I have had a grand total of one private hot shower in the past few months of traveling)!

    • Mike Lenzen says:

      We feel pretty spoiled even though…

      I didn’t mention that the shower is electric. That’s right, there are bare electric wires running from the wall to the shower head. We’ve talked to a few travelers now that have been electrocuted while having a shower.

      Fortunately we seem to be getting off easy with all the hot water, and none of the shock therapy.

      • Josh says:

        That’s happened to me. I found that showers in Guatemala seemed to be built for shorter people, and the electric shower heads were difficult to avoid.

        Beautiful pictures.

        PS School’s in again – not the same without Ashley!

        • Ashley Lenzen says:

          I’ve been zapped by the electric shower heads a couple times now… not fun. I never know how hot the water will be until I turn on the shower… sometimes it’s steaming hot and others it’s only lukewarm.

          Now that school is in again, I really feel like this trip is something more than a vacation… before now, it could have been any old summer break (although I’ve never done anything this cool on a summer break before).

  2. Don’t piss your landlord off…..we may need you as a reference 🙂

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