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After Hamburg, we (Jutta, Pedro, Ashley, and I) headed on to the Deichbrand Rock Festival on the North Sea between Denmark, and the Netherlands. All that day and the day before, there had been a lot of rain. And it showed. As we approached the festival grounds, the traffic slowed to a halt. The mud parking lots were doing everything they could to swallow up each and every vehicle that tried to cross them.

By the time we were stopped became stuck, it was dark out. The rain had more or less let up. We spent Thursday night discussing the prospects of a cancelled festival over a few wobbly pops, after learning that the main stage had partly collapsed. It sounded like the same thing had happened in years past, and then it had meant the end of the festival.

A bit ‘o’ mud

Come late Friday morning, we went out to survey the damage. Already, crews were hard at work putting the stage back together, and covering the ground with wood chips. The festival was delayed, by a few hours, but by 5:00pm the gates were open, and the show was on!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this somewhere before, but for our new readers, our friends Jutta and Pedro are working the festival circuit in Germany this summer – running a piercing stand. They were completely awesome and invited us along with them to take advantage of their free entry passes. They even gave us a lift from Salzburg!

Jutta and Pedro in the piercing tent that doubled as our hotel room

We really had a blast at the festival. We went out and watched just about every band, none of which we had heard of before. Each day the ground was a bit dryer than the last. By the thrid day, the ground was dry, and the sun shining. The only complaint, as we’ve said before was the lack of toilet facilities. At least these ones were free.

The twin main stages

Concert T-Shirts

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