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Here’s a look at our custom made business cards for our blog. For $22 we got 500 of them from so we have lots to give away.

Business Cards

Traveled Earth Business Cards

I think these things are going to be great. For months now, I’ve been spouting off our URL to friends and family, usually to be greeted by a nod and a quick “can you email that to me?” or “I think might be able to remember that.”

Well, no more emailing or remembering required with the new Traveled Earth Limited Edition Business Cards! The primary reason we decided to pick these up was to hand them out on our travels. As we learned on our trip to New Zealand in 2007, napkins and spare scraps of paper were not an ideal medium to write email addresses on. By the time we were home, sitting in front of a computer; those precious notes had been lost or disintegrated in our packs. These should be a bit more durable.

We’re finding that they are also good at home. We’ve only had them a week, and I’ve already handed out about a dozen of them. They are great icebreakers, and people really seem to enjoy them. If you are thinking about doing something similar, I recommend getting them early so you have time to spread some around before you leave on your trip.

We first got the idea to print up custom business cards from the man who swam the amazon when he left a note for someone at Hootalinqua on the Yukon River. We never actually met the man who swam the amazon, but we did get a photo of his business card note.

The Man Who Swam the Amazon

Business Card Note








6 Responses to “Traveled Earth Business Cards”

  1. Nice looking cards, and good luck with that house, whatever you decided to do.

    • Mike Lenzen says:

      Thanks. Regarding the house, we decided not to decide for another month. Our preference is still to sell it, so we are going to keep it on the market as long as we can before resorting to rent.

  2. Lauren says:

    The cards look awesome! I should definitely get me some of these before I leave 🙂

  3. Kieron says:

    Looks good guys – this reminds me that I need to get ours organized asap, thanks!

  4. Mike Lenzen says:

    No problem.

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